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The University of Cape Town Lung Institute
UCT Study: Low-cost urine TB test at bedside reduced TB death-rat UCT Study: Low-cost urine TB test reduces TB death-rate
A rapid, and simple to use, low-cost urine sample to test for TB at the bed-side of HIV patients both able and unable to produce sputum, reduced the TB death-rate of patients with advanced HIV. TB treatment can be initiated quicker than if diagnosed using current diagnostic tools.
...Read more UCT Faculty of Health Science, 15 March 2016
...Read more UCT: Today's news, 16 March 2016
Urine test improves detection of TB Urine test improves detection of TB
Tuberculosis often lies undetected in the very patients it is most likely to kill: HIV positive patients. But a urine test could change that.
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New UCT fellow: Prof Keertan Dheda UCT fellow announced: Prof Keertan Dheda
At a ceremony on Tuesday 13 October, UCT announced the names of six new fellows – permanent academic staff who are being recognised by UCT Council for distinguished academic work.
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Antibiotic resistence The rise of antibiotic resistance
SABC Live Digital News: live interview with Professor Keertan Dheda.
...Watch the interview
15 year Anniversary 15 Year Anniversary:
2000 - 2014

On the 7 November 2014, the Institute celebrated its 15 year anniversary. We want to honour those that have supported the Institute in any way; as funders, collaborating in research, partnering in outreach activities, and helping to build, maintain and administer the facility.
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Better, quicker, cheaper new TB drug steals the headlines
UCT scientists are part of an international research group, which includes the Universities of Stellenbosch and the Free State, on track to deliver more effective, less expensive and shorter TB treatment using a new combination of drugs.
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Chapel Street upgrade Exciting new start for Chapel Street Clinic
The Chapel Street Clinic in Woodstock has reopened its doors after a R1.4 million upgrade. The project was headed up by the University of Cape Town’s Lung Institute who had been conducting research into TB at the clinic since 2007.
"...now patients will have access to better facilities with better services," Dr Dawson said. ...Download article

UCT finalists compete for annual NSTF-BHP Billiton Awards
Eleven UCT researchers have been selected as finalists for the prestigious NSTF-BHP Billiton Awards for 2013/14.

Included in the finalists are: Eric Bateman, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Medicine and director and founder of the UCT Lung Institute and Keertan Dheda, Professor and Head of the Division of Pulmonology, Department of Medicine. ...View article


Keertan Dheda

Long-term outcomes of patients with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa: a cohort study

Published online 17 January, 2014
...Download article

UCT press release ...Download press release
The Lancet press release ...Download press release

UCT scientists shine at MRC awards
UCT scientists featured prominently in the Medical Research Council's (MRC) recent merit award ceremony, with "the highest honour in medical research in the country" being conferred onto three high profile academics. Emeritus Professor Eric Bateman, director of the Lung Institute, received a lifetime achievement award in the form of the MRC's platinum medal.
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Faster TB test fails to improve prognosis
New ground-breaking work by Prof Dheda's team based at the UCT Lung Institute.
Read more on www.enca.com...

www.thelancet.com -
Download article 1 (pdf)
Download article 2 (pdf)

TB treatment

'Novel' trial may lead to shorter TB treatment
A new clinical trial by the UCT Lung Institute's Centre for TB Research Innovation (CTBRI) is not only innovative in design and in its collaborative nature, but it's also the first major African TB study to use a complete source-based electronic data capture and verification system.

The Mission of the Institute is to address priority health issues in Southern Africa through education, research and service

The Institute is located on the campus of the Faculty of Health Sciences.It provides clinical services and conducts research in the fields of respiratory medicine, tuberculosis, allergy, occupational medicine and dermatology. Special emphases in research are epidemiology, allergy diagnostics, lung physiology, clinical pharmacology, evaluation of novel treatments and community-based interventions for improving disease management and improving health. In association with various departments of the University, it provides training for students in the health professions and collaborates broadly with training and research institutions elsewhere in South Africa and abroad. The public is served by educational and health promotional activities, and by several unique clinical and community services.

The Institute is a registered company owned by the University of Cape Town.